Jessica Marak

Soulcycle Pride Campaign


To celebrate Pride month, we created a campaign that champions the incredible LGBTQ+ community at Soulcycle.

In early April 2018 we asked the SOUL community to nominate an LGBTQ+ instructor who embodies the spirit of Pride. Six amazing instructors were then chosen to define their souls in a single word. We told their stories through a series of interviews, videos and images that lived on a comprehensive microsite as well as across social media. 

Artboard 27.jpg
Artboard 23.jpg
Artboard 2.jpg

As each instructor was introduced on Instagram the feed gradually turned into a full on rainbow.


I designed and animated various assets for the instructors to use on their own accounts to spread the pride all month long.


Colossal Media Hand-Painted Murals


In-Studio Activations

My Role: Art Direction, Design & Animation / Company: Soulcycle / Model/Instructors: Valentina Paolillo, Tirrell Cherry, Kellen Townsend, L Cascino, Janet Fitzgerald and Ryan Jones / Photographer: Kate Owen / Video: Spreadhouse / Studio: ACME Studio/ Mural: Colossal Media / Creative: Jessy Cole & Anthony Coleman / Creative Director: Roxana Zegan