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Dream Yacht Charters Content Creation


I spent the last 10 days sailing around on a boat with 5 amazing people visiting some of the most naturally beautiful places I have ever been to, Guadeloupe and Dominica.  Even on vacay, I still like to have some type of creative project to work on, so I teamed up with Johnny Valentine to capture content about our experience sailing on a Dream Yacht Charter boat. 

The brief was simple: 20 images and a 1-minute video documenting our experiences. I was in charge of the stills, but I tried my hand at video and shot a few clips that made the cut. All credit goes to the incredibly talented director and photographer Johnny Valentine. Working on this project with such an established and talented photographer was super inspiring and motivated me to try my hand at video more often!

Check out my latest project to see more of the images from the trip.

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